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Dr. Daniel Cabezas was born in Sucre (Bolivia) on october 18 of 1972 and transferred to Italy in 1990, he is married and happily dad of five wonderful kids,

He is graduated in Medicine and obtained the Specialization in Neurosurgery at the University of Sacred Heart in Rome, Italy (1996 and 2001 respectively).

Dr. Cabezas speaks fluently italian, spanish and english with a mild comprehension of spoken french.


During his studies at the Catholic University and the Residency at the "Policlinico Gemelli" Hospital Dr. Cabezas had the opportunity to assist to all main types of neurosurgery developped in last years as a sort of particular sub-specialization (neurotrauma, cranial base surgery, vascular neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery and at last but not least functional and spinal neurosurgery).  


The particular interest that Dr. Cabezas demonstrated on spinal and functional neurosurgery has lead him to move to the "Policlinico Casilino" Hospital in Rome on 2003.   Such kind of neurosurgery became his principal activity.

In january of 2011 Dr. Cabezas transferred his clinical and surgical activities to the San Carlo Hospital in Rome to the new Spine Surgery Division until december 2012.

Starting from 2013 is Senior Independent Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon.

Surgical skills are all targeted to the minimally invasive spine surgery with percutaneous and the less threatening possible.   Traditional techniques in neurosurgery are guaranteed, nevertheless the minimal access and less tissue damage are always focused.   To obtain best results all principal techniques of minimally invasive surgery with no exceptions are considered for each single case in order to proceed with the best treatment coupled with pain management.

Dr. Cabezas performed up to six hundred operations of this kind of surgery yearly since 2003 (current mean 300 opts/year). 

In march 2020 Dr. Cabezas has been nominated Representative of the Town Hall of La Paz (Bolivia) for the themes inherent the Coronavirus, Covid-19 Pandemia.



Current position :

Senior Independent Consultant Neurosurgeon in Spine Surgery for traditional and minimally invasive procedures in private and public infrastructures.



During his free-time Dr. Cabezas is a full-time dad devolved entirely to his family and there is no chance to move him from that.   Other skills and interests are all familiar where traveling is the first and photography or sportive shooting and are growing in interest.




VILLA STUART (Rome - Italy)

Via Trionfale, 5952

phone : + 39 06 35528433

mobile phone : +393294091836

(mobile phone available only if clinical or surgical activities permit to, 

available  from monday to friday from 9 am to 3 pm).